Star Wars: the Crown of Exar Kun

Episode 1: Loss and Profit

After the loss of their master and the betrayal of their greatest students, the Jedi Refugees are left helpless as the fallen jedi make their escape on a stolen vessel. The Vessel’s captain, Wedge, is unable to stop them stealing his beloved ship and slaughtering his crew. If it were not enough, The Fallen sabotage the Vindicator, setting it adrift and sending out an Imperial Distress code before dissappearing.

Now, after avoiding Imperial Vessels, our heroes find themselves on the pirate planet Jotundaar searching not only for those who betrayed them, but also for the first piece of the mystical crown of Exar Kun.

However, they were captured, put in the brig by the Crime syndicate, now being orchestrated by Val Kalis, one of the betrayers.

What will happen to our heroes now?…..



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