Star Wars: the Crown of Exar Kun

Episode 2: The Pirate Palace

When we last left our heroes, they had broken out of the brig of the Great Pirate City on Jotundaar. Not wanting to alert the gangster of their release and to get the top floors so they could rescue their soldiers, they took the stairs.
These stairs, however, contained dangers, corpses, and a Massive Swamp Spider who attacked Our heroes like every other drunk criminal who wanders into it’s lair. However, our heroes fought back, using light saber and blaster to defeat the beast and find it’s lair, so close to the office of Val Kalis, the young noble and former friend who betrayed them and ran off with Lord Vortis. Overhearing how they escaped, as Val informed his Gungan second in command, they try to free the soldiers being kept in another part of the Hotel.

Ambushed, As Val heard them outside, Our Heroes find themselves against a wall of mercenaries and thugs led by the bored and suspicous Gungan gangster. After a firefight, Udo, the Jedi Councelor makes a deal with the Gungan, who wants control of his Organization, not the usurper put here when Lord Vortis and his Knights slaughtered the controlling board. Making it look like they beat up the Gangster, they take his instruction on how to get to Val Kalis, to take thier revenge….



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